About the 5 Star General

General Jasha aka the 5 Star General is a long time reggae collector, selector, producer and promoter. The goal of this blog is to provide reggae fans, sound systems, and selectors with reviews and samples of new release and classic roots, culture, and dancehall reggae.

“While files will be posted for download when available legally, I encourage reggae music lovers and supporters pay for their music through legal channels that help to support the musical working class. In addition to my own crates and knowledge, other weapons in the arsenal include, Pupa Vlado the founder of the original riddim database, my brother Jorel for content prep, and Nick at for web site and design consulting.”


General’s Ranking
starstarstarstarstar Classic Reggae
starstarstarstar More Fire
starstarstar Niceness
starstar Dutty
star Trash

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